Call–and Incredible Response!

Last month NNEMAP Food Pantry was invited again to participate in the CenturyLink “Backpack Buddies” fundraiser. This campaign promises matching funds of at least 75 cents on the dollar thanks to the generosity of the Clarke M. Williams Foundation. That’s a great deal no matter how you look at it. 

After last year’s successful fund drive netted over $20,000 in total donations, NNEMAP challenged you, our donors, fans and supporters, to make this year’s event even better. Leave it to an organization supported by dozens of churches to understand the old ‘call and response’ routine, because did you ever respond!

NNEMAP’s donor individuals, churches and other organizations contributed over $37,000 toward the Backpack Buddies campaign. The Clarke M. Williams Foundation matched that nearly dollar for dollar. When all was said and done, NNEMAP was blessed with over $70,000 in total cash donations!

There’s really only one thing to say:


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Service Totals Still Up–Volunteers Always Wanted!

As we approach the midpoint of the 2017 service year, NNEMAP Food Pantry is still seeing record numbers of clients. Compared to the drastic year-over-year increase from 2015 to last year, however, 2017’s growth is downright modest. We are on pace to distribute more meals than in 2016, but not over 100,000 more. Maybe an extra 10 percent or so–25-30,000 meals.

After working extra hard to keep pace for much of 2016, our crack staff of ace volunteers has the pantry operation running like a well-oiled, food distributing machine once again. So while we are still plenty busy, we’ve settled into our “new normal.”

NNEMAP Food Pantry would still love to see your smiling face volunteering. Interviewers, personal shoppers, front desk and Saturday help is always welcome. The more the merrier, many hands make light work, etc. You get the idea. Plus it’s a fun and fast-paced environment. You will have earned your keep by volunteering here!


If you like working with people of all ages, NNEMAP Food Pantry is the volunteer spot for you! Contact Assistant Director Sean Becker at or call him at 405-850-1688 to get started today!

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Matching Funds Drive Still Going!

In case it has slipped your mind, the extremely generous matching funds drive is still going on. We know you are enjoying a busy late spring/early summer. But with last year’s tax returns still fresh in your mind, what better time to make a tax-deductible gift* to your favorite charity?  (* please consult an accountant or tax professional!)

Anyway, there’s no need to scramble to make your donations at the end of the year–donate now and get the most out of your gift. In cooperation with CenturyLink, the Clarke M. Williams Foundation is putting up $1 million in matching funds. The anticipated match is a minimum of 75 cents for every dollar you donate. Last year’s match was an extraordinary $3 for every $1 donated to NNEMAP. You can’t get a much better deal for a charity than that. 

This amazing offer ends Friday, June 16th. For all of you wait-’til-the-last-minute types, consider yourself warned. Hey–we’re here to help!


On behalf of the roughly 8,000 people who will come to NNEMAP for food assistance at some point this year, thank you for your generous support!

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Century Link Matching Funds Event is Back!

Communications giant CenturyLink and the Clarke M. Williams Foundation have generously supported NNEMAP’s operations over the years. Last year, CenturyLink transitioned that support to an online virtual food drive. The fundraising effort promised to match donations up to 75% of the dollar amount given. So a $100 donation would become $175 thanks to matching funds. Brilliant!

As it turned out, CenturyLink blessed NNEMAP with about a 300% match last year. In 2016 our supporters donated about $5,000 and our total take from CenturyLink was over $20,000!!! For an organization with an operating cash budget just north of $200,000, that’s a huge score!

Please consider donating generously again this year. All donations are processed online through credit card payments. To donate now, click here to go straight to the donation page. Once there you will have to…

1. Enter the dollar amount you would like to donate

2. Scroll down the page and select NNEMAP (participants are listed alphabetically by state, so you have to scroll down a ways to find us)  

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the appropriate link to Confirm Payment (can choose PayPal or credit card)

4. Enter the required information and click the Donate Now button.

Congratulations! You have completed your donation! 

We appreciate your consideration and shared dedication to alleviating hunger in our city. Thank you to CenturyLink and Clarke M. Williams Foundation for this generous program–and THANK YOU, especially, for helping NNEMAP take advantage of this tremendous fundraising opportunity!


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It Must Be a Sign!

In our ongoing effort to feed our neighbors the best and healthiest food, the crack staff on NNEMAP’s recently christened Wellness & Nutrition Committee came up with some helpful tips and tricks. These handy signs offer shopping, preparation and meal-time tips to our shoppers (and our volunteers and staff members!).

Next time you are visiting NNEMAP, sneak a peak at that helpful little label hanging on the shelf. You might learn something new and take home a good idea for dinner!


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