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See Spot Eat

As a food pantry, NNEMAP is, at heart, a grocery store for people who need to bridge a temporary gap in their food budget. A modest goal, perhaps, but one we take very seriously. In addition to food for families, NNEMAP strives to provide other useful household items such as toiletries, personal hygiene products and cleaning supplies when we can get our hands on them.

We also try to feed all members of the families that shop with us, including their furry friends. While pet food may not seem like a big priority for a food pantry, it is a big priority for pet owners. By providing pet food for families, we keep them from sharing “people food” with their pets. This keeps all family members healthier. Human family members can eat the food that they are shopping for to keep from going hungry. Pets can eat pet food instead of table scraps, which are not healthy choices for the family dog or cat.

Our faithful church partners at St. Andrew Christian Church recently chipped in mightily to help feet Spot and Kitty Cat. As part of their Easter Egg Hunt activities, the church asked families to bring in pet food for NNEMAP. The Disciples of Christ congregation responded by bringing in a whopping 300 pounds of dog, puppy, cat and kitten chow for NNEMAP clients!

Visually impaired and other differently abled NNEMAP clients have service dogs. Many senior shoppers have pets for companionship. Some just have cats or dogs just for the joy of having a family pet. They are important members of our clients’ families, and we are proud to be able to dish up dinner for those four-legged family members.

Thank you to everyone at St. Andrew Christian Church for your generous donation. It’s as good as a belly rub for a hungry pet!


Pet food is in chronically short supply at NNEMAP. If you would like to donate pet food for our families, please repackage dog food in one gallon size zip-lock bags and cat food in quart size zip-lock bags for ease of distribution. To schedule a drop-off time for your donation, please call the pantry at 614-297-0533 or e-mail Thank you!!!

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Check Out This Donation

After several months dedicating profits to NNEMAP, our fundraising friends at Double Comfort restaurant wrapped up their efforts on our behalf. When the dust settled, the guest bartenders poured their last drinks and the kitchen kicked out its last order of awesome fried chicken, proceeds payable to NNEMAP neared $2,500!!

On a sad note, Double Comfort has closed its doors since generously supporting our pantry. If you enjoyed their product and social enterprise, stay tuned for their next act. Restaurant founder Mary Lyski is exploring options for keeping the Double Comfort brand active and available for followers. We will keep you posted on their next act.

Until next time, thanks for the memories, Double Comfort, and thanks for the generous donation. Your fantastic food and philanthropic spirit will be missed!


Do you have a great idea for partnership fundraising? We’ll be happy to help you plan your successful project! Contact us at or call 614-297-0533.

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Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?

Sometimes you have to wonder how some of the people who appear on US currency got there. Take Ulysses Grant, for example. Not really a great general but one who exploited his advantages in materiel and manpower. Widely acknowledged as a pretty poor president. Could hold his liquor. Somehow ends up on the 50-dollar bill.

Lincoln. Legal genius. Brilliant president. But the 5-dollar bill AND the penny? Seems like the self-deprecating Lincoln would be a little embarrassed at all the attention. And how does Ben Franklin land on the 100-dollar bill while James Madison, he of Federalist Paper fame, practically the author of the Constitution, gets shut out. We hear Madison wasn’t very popular among his peers, but Franklin spent much of the country’s formative years in France.

One choice that makes perfect sense is Franklin D. Roosevelt’s appearance on the dime. When Roosevelt won the 1932 presidential election, the country was in the depths of the Great Depression. Bing Crosby’s wistful tune of boom and bust, “Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?” filled the airwaves from coast to coast. Widely credited with calming the country’s nerves and helping lead the nation out of economic despair, FDR was a natural choice for the 10-cent piece.

Here at NNEMAP, we’re still asking for dimes. Why? Because the food cost for each meal we distribute is about 10 cents. That’s right–we can buy food for one meal for just 10 cents! That’s some serious buying power!

How we do it: Thanks to our agency partnership with the Mid-Ohio Food Bank, we can purchase food at a tremendous discount–just pennies on the dollar. Fresh fruits and vegetables and many other items are free of charge.

What it means to you: You get tremendous value when you donate to NNEMAP Food Pantry. For every $1 you donate, we can purchase enough food for 10 meals! $10 buys enough food for 100 meals. $100 buys enough food for a whopping 1,000 meals!

How you can help: We know you love a good deal and want to know how to jump on the bandwagon. NNEMAP makes it easy to donate. You can simply click here to go right to our donation page. If you donate online with a credit card, consider becoming a sustaining donor. Details are on the donation page.

As always, thank you for your generous support. Every dime makes a difference because every dime makes a meal!


If you would like to take a tour of our facility, please contact us at to set a date. We would love to show you around!

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Attention Kroger Shoppers!


Attention, Kroger shoppers! Just a little friendly reminder for you from your friends at NNEMAP. Do you participate in Kroger’s Community Rewards program? The leading grocery store chain’s generous program distributes millions of dollars annually to schools, churches and other non-profit organizations. In other words, Kroger Community Rewards help provide crucial funds for organizations just like NNEMAP!

Signing up is fast and easy. Simply go to the Kroger Community Rewards site and log in. If you haven’t created an account before, you’ll need to enter an e-mail address and password.

Complete the remaining required fields, and you will proceed to a “Find Your Organization” prompt. You can type “NNEMAP” in the box or just enter our organization’s ID number: 80611. Then click on the “Search” button.

When your search results come up, click on the round button next to the NNEMAP entry to highlight it. Then click on the “Enroll” button. And…that’s it! It is really that simple. You shop, we get a steady drip of needed financial support. What’s not to love?


Not a Kroger shopper? Don’t let that stop you from supporting NNEMAP’s mission! Click here to find out how you can help today!

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Busy January Follows Record-Setting 2016

We keep telling you we’re busy here at NNEMAP. And then we get busier. Maybe we should stop mentioning it! But since our mission is possible thanks especially to you, our faithful friends, volunteers and supporters, you have the right to know what’s going on here. Well, here’s what’s going on: we’re busy. How busy? Check this out:


2015: 223,811          2016: 323,814

Increase: 100,003–we gave away 45 percent more meals in 2016. Of course, we surpassed our 2016 total by the end of September, so this comes as no surprise. For a peek at what this year may have in store, look here:


2015: 17,643          2016: 22,842          2017: 29,194         

Increase: 6,352 or 28 percent more meals than 2016; 11,551 or 65 percent more than in 2015. That’s a busy January! If past performance is any indication, 2017 will be another record-setting year at NNEMAP.


To keep pace with this kind of inflation, we need your help! If you have some time, talent or treasure to donate to NNEMAP’s cause, contact us today. And tell a friend–because we’re busy!

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