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Wash, Rinse,…Repaint?!?

NNEMAP Wants YOU to Help Spruce up the Pantry!

people cleaning

NNEMAP will be closed during the Ohio State Fair dates of Wednesday, July 27 through Sunday, August 7. That doesn’t mean we’re taking a vacation. While volunteers help fair patrons park their cars outside (for a modest fee), a flurry of activity will be taking place on the inside.

Before we re-open on Monday, August 8, we want to….

*Clean and disinfect all refrigeration equipment

*Thoroughly clean all floors

*Clean and disinfect all equipment


*Reposition some shelving and storage units

*Whatever else we can squeeze into our available time

If you enjoy cleaning and painting–and come on, who doesn’t?–NNEMAP will be your little slice of heaven on earth for a solid week and a half. Projects will start most mornings at 9:00. We want our pantry to be spic-and-span with a shiny new-car smell when we welcome shoppers back for service–we need YOUR HELP to do it!

*Groups welcome

*Drop-ins welcome

*Wear clothing that you can get dirty or get paint on

Sound like fun? Call Sean Becker at 405-850-1688 or e-mail to schedule your date today!

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CenturyLink Fundraiser Exceeds Great Expectations

Food Drive 2016The dust has settled and the coins have fallen into their slots. The final tally is in for CenturyLink’s 2016 Backpack Buddies Food Drive and NNEMAP made off with quite a haul.

For every dollar donated through the Backpack Buddies website between June 6 and 17, the CenturyLink Clarke M. Williams Foundation pledged to match 75 percent. We were hoping to rope in about 10 grand. A tidy sum when coupled with a $7,500 match.

Well, we failed in our bid to secure $10,ooo in donations…but we far exceeded our goal. Howzawha?!? Yep–it’s true. Nationwide, donations through the fund drive came in at about $700,000. True to their word, the good people at the Clarke M. Williams Foundation distributed matching funds totaling a cool million.

A total of 28 donors gave NNEMAP $5,507 through the website. Forget the 75 percent matching funds. CenturyLink nearly quadrupled that total. As a result of this spectacular display of philanthropic largesse, NNEMAP got a whopping $20,358.77!

NNEMAP was far and away the leading recipient among Ohio charities and cracked the top 20 nationwide. We could not have done it without YOUR support. So THANK YOU to all of our generous donors for leading the way. Your exemplary response to this unique fund drive will put food on thousands of plates in the months to come!

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Pantry Ally Keeps Kids Reading

Anyone who has studied educational statistics is more or less familiar with the “summer break syndrome.” After the lengthy academic year concludes, the nation’s school children are turned loose for some three months of sun and fun. Unfortunately, that fun also results in some cognitive backsliding. Children lose a good deal of what they gained academically over the summer. While that ground is typically regained in the beginning of the ensuing school year, it’s still a vexing reality.

One of the first things to go during summer vacation season is reading time. Instead of curling up with a good book, our youth turn to other forms of entertainment (i.e. television) that are less cognitively engaging. In short, our kids spend the summer letting TV turn their budding little brains into mush.We’re not going to change the world of K-12 education here, but we are going to give it a little boost. We have partnered with the Read to Succeed Foundation to keep a steady stream of children’s books on hand for pantry shoppers. Read to Succeed has distributed over 16,000 books, mostly through the pantry system. The books are delivered, organized by grade/age level and staged by Read to Succeed founder (and soon to be high school student) Emily Spector. Easy for us–awesome for our customers!

We are looking forward to keeping our kids’ home libraries stocked up over the summer. Thanks to Read to Succeed, NNEMAP now consistently offers nourishment for the body and the mind!


Want to help us keep dishing up food–and food for thought? Now is a great time to donate! CenturyLink is currently offering matching funds of 75% of your donation. Donate $100, NNEMAP gets $175. What a deal! To support NNEMAP’s many missions, click here. As always, thank you for your generous support!


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CenturyLink Matching Funds Help You Give 175 Percent

Century Link

Communications giant CenturyLink and the Clarke M. Williams Foundation have generously supported NNEMAP’s operations over the years. This year, CenturyLink is hosting an online virtual food drive. One website is set up to process all monetary donations.

If you’re not a details person, you can click here to skip right to that page and make your donation (please and thank you!).

If you are a details person, we’re pretty sure you’re going to be glad you stuck around for the fine print. In past years, CenturyLink has solicited for food and cash donations. While food donations are still welcome, you can get the most bang–or ‘bank’–for your buck by donating cash.


Because the CenturyLink Clarke M. Williams Foundation will match all financial donations made between now and June 17th. For every dollar you donate, the foundation will kick in 3 quarters. If you donate $100, NNEMAP gets $175. If you donate $500, NNEMAP gets $875, etc.

You can see how this works–it’s a great way for you to get the most out of your donation to NNEMAP! All you have to do is click here and have your credit card handy. It’s that easy!

Thank you to the CenturyLink Clarke M. Williams Foundation for this generous program–and thank you for helping NNEMAP take advantage of this tremendous fundraising opportunity!

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State Fair Parking Sign-Up!

Ohio state fair logo

There’s no parking on the dance floor, as the post-disco pop sensation Midnight Star reminded us back in 1983. But there IS parking in NNEMAP’s lot during the Ohio State Fair. In fact, it’s a tremendous fundraising opportunity for the pantry–we earned over $7,000 in 2015!

You can help us park cars and feed families this year by helping out during one of three shifts: 8am-Noon; Noon-4pm; or 4-8pm on any of the State Fair days from Wednesday, July 27 through Sunday, August 7.

To sign up, simply follow this link.

Questions, comments, concerns? Contact Roy Clark at 614-297-0533 or e-mail


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