Oh, Baby: New Diaper Partnership is a Dandy!

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If you have children, you know that diapers are a big hassle and expense for baby’s first few years. They are also a necessity. Frequent diaper changes are required if you want your youngster’s backside to stay clean and fresh. Diaper rash is a real bummer, if you pardon the expression.

Unfortunately, diapers are difficult for NNEMAP to keep in stock. We are dependent upon individual donations for these items, and our supply simply cannot keep up with current demand. We are working to change all that. The Columbus Diaper Coalition works through pantries and other local distribution points to get diapers in the hands—and on the bottoms—of those who need them.

With NNEMAP as a distribution point for our new friends at Columbus Diaper Coalition, we are looking forward to having a rash of diapers in stock for customers!

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Pantries are About to Become More Important Than Ever

Food Stamp card

As of last Friday, April 1, many low-income Americans were at risk of losing their S.N.A.P. (i.e. Food Stamp) benefits for failing to meet the necessary work requirements. The work requirement was suspended during the depths of the Great Recession and its accompanying high unemployment rate. As the economy and job market has recovered, many states have reinstated the work requirement for certain program recipients.

In Ohio, Governor John Kasich reinstated the requirement for most of the state. Those areas with lingering high unemployment have been exempted for the time being. What does that mean? For people still struggling to find steady jobs, pantries like NNEMAP and supporting agencies like the Mid-Ohio Food Bank will be called upon more than ever to keep food on families’ tables.

For a national perspective, you can read the Washington Post article linked here.

To find out how you can help NNEMAP feed area families in need, call 614-297-0533 or e-mail sean@nnemappantry.org.

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Giant Eagle Makes Giant Donations

In 2015, NNEMAP Food Pantry distributed the equivalent of about 230,000 meals to local families. In just 2 1/2 short months this year, we have already helped our shoppers with over 50,000 meals. Told you we were busy!

So where does all of that food come from? A variety of places–our supporting church network provides about a quarter of the food supply. Most of our fresh produce and shelf-stable product is sourced through the Mid-Ohio Food Bank. A large portion of the remainder comes from our three Giant Eagle partner stores at Neil Ave. and Buttles; Grandview Yard; and Britton Parkway. Here is one day’s delivery of frozen meat–over 800 pounds!

2016-03-09 Lots of Meat

The supermarket chain also donates bread and bakery goods, snack items and assorted canned goods and goodies. NNEMAP typically takes in over a ton of donated food from the stores each week.

If you ever wondered how we do it–there is your answer. We can only do it with the help of the amazing Columbus community. Churches, businesses, partners–we are all in it together, working hard to eliminate hunger in our city.

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2014 Audited IRS Form 990 Now Online

2016-03-10 990 Cover

NNEMAP Food Pantry’s most recent audited IRS Form 990 is now available for public view on our website. Click the link above to view or print this document. Future forms will continue to be made public on this site as they become available.

We are very happy to provide this information to our sponsors, donors, volunteers and supporting church network members. If you have any questions about the information on this form, please contact us.

Thank you for your continued support of our mission.

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Feeding Frenzy Continues in February

It has been a pretty mild winter by Columbus standards, but things are definitely heating up for NNEMAP as we settle into the first full calendar year in our new location. After seeing almost 900 shoppers in January, we followed that up with another 864 customer visits in February.

That puts us well ahead of our pace for last year. We have already distributed the equivalent of 42,525 meals to our neighbors in the 43201, 43211 and 43215 ZIP codes. We like to think of this as the sign of excellence:

2016-03-02 Choice Pantry sign

Apparently our shoppers agree–NNEMAP is the place to be! We are proud to serve our new neighborhood and look forward to bigger and better services in the future. Given the high level of activity in the first two months of the year, we are expecting some March madness. Stay tuned–you know where the action is!


Would you or someone you know like to volunteer at NNEMAP? Let us know! Visit our volunteer page or contact us via phone (614-297-0533) or e-mail info@nnemappantry.org to learn how!

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