Matching Funds Drive Still Going!

In case it has slipped your mind, the extremely generous matching funds drive is still going on. We know you are enjoying a busy late spring/early summer. But with last year’s tax returns still fresh in your mind, what better time to make a tax-deductible gift* to your favorite charity?  (* please consult an accountant or tax professional!)

Anyway, there’s no need to scramble to make your donations at the end of the year–donate now and get the most out of your gift. In cooperation with CenturyLink, the Clarke M. Williams Foundation is putting up $1 million in matching funds. The anticipated match is a minimum of 75 cents for every dollar you donate. Last year’s match was an extraordinary $3 for every $1 donated to NNEMAP. You can’t get a much better deal for a charity than that. 

This amazing offer ends Friday, June 16th. For all of you wait-’til-the-last-minute types, consider yourself warned. Hey–we’re here to help!


On behalf of the roughly 8,000 people who will come to NNEMAP for food assistance at some point this year, thank you for your generous support!

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