Shopping for Spring Fashions? Start Here!

Sure it’s cold and gross outside, but spring is really just around the corner–promise! Picnics, parades, block parties, beach vacations…these festive occasions bring questions. What to wear? What to bring? Where to go?

Trends, trinkets, travel–not to worry. We can help! NNEMAP Food Pantry has partnered with Givevia to empower YOU, our loyal supporters, to make more of an impact than you ever thought possible. Givevia allows you to generate funding that comes directly to NNEMAP Food Pantry by doing something you’re probably already doing: shopping online. Find great deals from major retailers and desirable brands and a generous portion of your purchase is directed to NNEMAP Food Pantry. It’s so convenient!

You can spread the word about the mission we care so deeply for by using advocacy features like building teams or sharing your impact online. We encourage you to join the movement and share this opportunity with your friends. With a few clicks, you can make a HUGE difference.

Click on that lovely blue-green button above to get started today–and PLEASE SHARE this post!!!

As always, thank you for your support–happy shopping!

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