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See Spot Eat

As a food pantry, NNEMAP is, at heart, a grocery store for people who need to bridge a temporary gap in their food budget. A modest goal, perhaps, but one we take very seriously. In addition to food for families, NNEMAP strives to provide other useful household items such as toiletries, personal hygiene products and cleaning supplies when we can get our hands on them.

We also try to feed all members of the families that shop with us, including their furry friends. While pet food may not seem like a big priority for a food pantry, it is a big priority for pet owners. By providing pet food for families, we keep them from sharing “people food” with their pets. This keeps all family members healthier. Human family members can eat the food that they are shopping for to keep from going hungry. Pets can eat pet food instead of table scraps, which are not healthy choices for the family dog or cat.

Our faithful church partners at St. Andrew Christian Church recently chipped in mightily to help feet Spot and Kitty Cat. As part of their Easter Egg Hunt activities, the church asked families to bring in pet food for NNEMAP. The Disciples of Christ congregation responded by bringing in a whopping 300 pounds of dog, puppy, cat and kitten chow for NNEMAP clients!

Visually impaired and other differently abled NNEMAP clients have service dogs. Many senior shoppers have pets for companionship. Some just have cats or dogs just for the joy of having a family pet. They are important members of our clients’ families, and we are proud to be able to dish up dinner for those four-legged family members.

Thank you to everyone at St. Andrew Christian Church for your generous donation. It’s as good as a belly rub for a hungry pet!


Pet food is in chronically short supply at NNEMAP. If you would like to donate pet food for our families, please repackage dog food in one gallon size zip-lock bags and cat food in quart size zip-lock bags for ease of distribution. To schedule a drop-off time for your donation, please call the pantry at 614-297-0533 or e-mail Thank you!!!

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Busy January Follows Record-Setting 2016

We keep telling you we’re busy here at NNEMAP. And then we get busier. Maybe we should stop mentioning it! But since our mission is possible thanks especially to you, our faithful friends, volunteers and supporters, you have the right to know what’s going on here. Well, here’s what’s going on: we’re busy. How busy? Check this out:


2015: 223,811          2016: 323,814

Increase: 100,003–we gave away 45 percent more meals in 2016. Of course, we surpassed our 2016 total by the end of September, so this comes as no surprise. For a peek at what this year may have in store, look here:


2015: 17,643          2016: 22,842          2017: 29,194         

Increase: 6,352 or 28 percent more meals than 2016; 11,551 or 65 percent more than in 2015. That’s a busy January! If past performance is any indication, 2017 will be another record-setting year at NNEMAP.


To keep pace with this kind of inflation, we need your help! If you have some time, talent or treasure to donate to NNEMAP’s cause, contact us today. And tell a friend–because we’re busy!

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#Giving Tuesday Provides Bounty for Charities


Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you enjoyed a good meal with friends and family. For many people, that big dinner was followed up with a full day of shopping on “Black Friday,” so named because retailers figure to be banking big receipts, keeping their balance sheets “in the black,” in financial parlance.

If fighting the throngs at the shopping malls isn’t your thing, perhaps you held out for today’s Internet deals. Online shopping has slowly gained a foothold in America’s pocketbook and is now so firmly entrenched as part of the culture that holiday deals are tailored for that niche shopper. For several years, “Cyber Monday” has been another mark-it-on-your-calendar holiday shopping date with great deals.

In a response to the slight possibility that the holiday season has become too commercialized, the philanthropists of the world united behind “Giving Tuesday.” Giving Tuesday was established in 2012 and has quickly mushroomed into a major giving initiative. Donations on this one day in 2015 tallied over $100 million!

As we transition to the traditional gift-giving holidays, we hope you enjoyed your bounty. As you know, many of our fellow citizens struggled to put food on their table for Thanksgiving. Others relied on churches or private charities to set a table for them.

After your Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping is through, we hope you can spare a little to provide food for our friends in need. Every $1 you donate will put a meal on someone’s table. That’s a pretty good return on your investment! Please give generously, and as always, we thank you for your support.


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