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Zaftig Round Up to Benefit NNEMAP!

Zaftig Brewing Company is teaming up with NNEMAP Food Pantry! The local craft beer artisans are donating ALL of the “round-up” cash collected at their locations now through the end of the year! Big beers…small change…HUGE impact!!!

And now…MATH! 

NNEMAP Food Pantry distributed the equivalent of about 526,000 meals in 2019 (total through October 15 of this year: 447,000)

NNEMAP’s total cost per meal in 2019 was about 44 cents.

A cash-register round-up, on average, comes out to about 50 cents.

Approximate number of cash-register round ups needed to fund NNEMAP Food Pantry for 1 year: a lot!

Our work is clear: Go to Zaftig Brewing Company and round up at the register!


Huge thanks to Zaftig Brewing Company for this opportunity!


Worthington: 7020-A Huntley Road / Columbus, OH 43229

Italian Village: 119 East 5th Avenue / Columbus, OH 43201

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Eat Here, Feed NNEMAP!


Planning on eating out some time over the next, oh, 6 months or so? We suggest dining at Double Comfort, conveniently located at 505 N. High St., right across the street from the Greater Columbus Convention Center.

Aside from the fact that the Southern cuisine that makes up the menu is oh-so-satisfying, we offer another great reason to support your local chicken-and-waffle shop. From September through February, Double Comfort will donate its profits from your meal purchase to NNEMAP Food Pantry.

Yes, you read that correctly–six full months of proceeds will help fund our pantry operation!

For General Manager Mary Lyski and her staff, this is all part of the Short North restaurant’s mission. The community gives them the opportunity to work in a fun and fantastic restaurant. As a way of expressing their appreciation, Double Comfort supports operations that help improve the community.

Eating at Double Comfort is good for body and soul. Satisfy your appetite with some sumptuous Southern classics. Feed your soul knowing that a portion of your check is helping feed hungry people around Columbus. Double Comfort may have created the ultimate “win-win” situation!


Double Comfort is rounding up some celebrity guest bartenders and organizing other exciting events to maximize its contribution to NNEMAP. Stay tuned to our Facebook page and Twitter feed for upcoming promotions!

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677 E. 11th Ave.
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